Guanyin 33

Guanyin 33

I am definitely a perfume fanatic but I never dreamt that one day I could have a perfume customized for me based on my preferences!

MO61 is a customized perfume store base in Poland. I discovered them through my traveling research before my trip to Warsaw. I admit I got a little bit too excited, I even wrote down several combinations of scents before I went to visit the store.

There are two floral scents I really like, which are Osmanthus and Jasmine. No matter how much I like them, I have never owned them in my perfume collection. Therefore I decided to seize this rare opportunity, asking a professional nose to help me to build up a scent based on my memory about home.

I would probably say I really love osmanthus, because this flower can always bring back memories of the Chinese New Year in Taiwan. During the holiday season we all used to pay a visit to the buddha temple to worship for a good fortune for the coming year. Especially in the place I grew up, most temples planted lots of osmanthus trees around it, I can smell the air mixed with the santal wood incense and osmanthus.

For me, it's really something special.

After I told this story to the perfumer_Micheal from MO61, he started to help me rebuild the memory of smell. We begin with the base tone scent.  We tried many different kinds of wood smells, I thought I would fall for to santal wood but the truth is I didn't. I realized my heart is answering the bottle of scent called cedarwood atlas. Later, for the transition middle notes, Michael introduced me to the exotic patchouli, and a scent of ocean, seaweed. I immediately recognize that refreshing salty breeze from my home town Shinh-Wu. And then Michael suggested to give the wooden note some heartwarming feeling at the end, he let me try the symthetic scent_ Cashmeran which really gave me goosebumps! finally, we fixed the osmanthus for the top notes. When Michael put a few drops on my skin and my nose came closer, I literally was about to scream, "it's home!". It was the scent running through my childhood memory, very green, soothing, calming, blessing, and elegant as osmanthus.

After we had agree all the details of this scent that Michael created for me, he asked me to think about what should I call this perfume. I immediately knew what I was going to call it. I will name it Guanyin 33, after my favorite godess and this scents is exactly inspired by the smell of the Guanyin temple.  
Awwww... I would be so blessed everyday when I wear it on me :P

ps. do you know why 33 ? not 44 or 21? let me know if you knew the answer lol.