The Shape Of Home _Part 2

The Shape Of Home _Part 2

Right now, At this very moment , Our kitchen renovation is coming to the final stage. Our contractor is about to destroy the old / terrible /miserable kitchen alley, and the useless second kitchen on the first floor. Yes , the previous house owner had build two kitchens in this house, I don't know why , and I don't think this puzzle will ever have the answer, and I really can not wait to wipe off the traces of the previous host so I can finally turn this place into our home.

I have probably see too many interior design photos recently, either instagram automatically shows them to me, or I pinterest them myself. I must say, I feel very very annoyed by what's called Scandinavian style house, minimalist interior design, japandi , contemporary chic, whatever the trend is now.They all looked pretty but functionless to me. I can go even furious when I see some people posting such music videos of themselves, pretending to read a book on the expensive minimalistic designer chair, or making a very ugly flower arrangement in a vase but calling it japandi.  The most disgusting part is the people who make these stories on instagram. They all have beautiful/ handsome faces, and they are all magically rich enough to own designer furniture, collect famous artist's abstract paintings at home, and use social media to teach their followers how to live like them.


Recently I happened to read an interview from a Taiwanese psychologist,  she made a comment that I like very much, she said every object we have in our house, they all share a piece of our SOUL. Instead of following the mainstream of minimalistic style, we shall all ask ourselves a question first, what kind of life we want? Then we decided what is good spirit to stay, or what is to give away.We really should not try to copy other people's lifestyle.

The article I read deeply inspired me. No wonder I hate minimalistic so badly, because I am a soulful person. I love colors, I adore the variation of differences, I appreciated an object telling a story which has connection with me, sharing a common memories of my youth or a wonderful time I possibly forgotten, I like to have multiple options instead of one, I got excited when I experienced new things, I love collecting every craftsmanship hand-made houseware, because each of them represented a piece of souls from the maker, and when they been used regularly, or been display at our house, it's really give me a feeling life is full of souls.

Okay, after everything I had written above. the story should come to a conclusion. Here are some photos of our house since we moved in 2022. The basic layout is inherited from the previous owners, what I only did is try to use our existing furniture to make a living. If I ask myself, is this lifestyle what I want to create?  I don't agree. because just like I said, I am simply trying to make a suitable lifestyle without breaking any existing layout.  I didn't choose that curtain, blind, kitchen, another kitchen, black floor, black door, bathtub, toilet, etc, none of these I chose. BUT I choose what I want to see, I decorated the house with all my favorite plants, the strange weird and rare plants I collected from all over the world when we traveling, a fake vintage storage shelf we got it from 2016 (made in vietnam), I was fascinated by lofy style back then, and it been with us move to san diego, and back to netherland, some time it a television shelf, sometime is book shelf.  A masterpiece of 6 seats dining table made from our ex-carpriter friend in 2022, 6 west elm chairs I loved crazily back in 2020 when we lived in the United state. I can remember every story of the object we have at home. they might not be pretty for you, and certainly not minimalistic like how I arrange them. but they have a piece of my soul in it. more importantly, I am making a life style of my own. I don't know how to address my style yet, let temporarily call it LOVE style.