Meeting Gent In Spring One More Times

Meeting Gent In Spring One More Times

The husband got a hotel voucher from his office, we were thinking about where we could use the one night hotel coupon in good way, and then I got an idea to visit Gent again. because last time when we were there, the city did leave me a really nice impression. plus we only spent an afternoon last time, not having enough time to take a serious sightseeing. Therefore I sort of helped my husband decide where he should use his present for my will🤭.

The husband found us a very chic boutique hotel this time, It was called Yalo hotel. I am not sure if my dear husband tried to please my standard for the facility, but this yalo hotel does suit my appetite. urban and fancy at the same time, good taste for furniture choosing, very green interior, even the logo is green. and they have a lot of freebies to take home, cute pencils, memo, and a very beautiful matchbox too!

I am very glad I wore all my expensive apparels the day. I swear its coincidence. I had been waiting for the entire winter to wear my first Homme plisse issey miyake pants, assembled with a jw anderson baseball cap shoulder bag. I told my babe husband my dresscode today is Asian rich bitch (I wonder what to address those asians wear prada from head to

Okay! Get back to the sightseeing part of the trip.

what's the cool things we discovered this time in Gent?

1. We found a very very delicious vegan bake house_ way plant based bakehouse.      the caster cream croissant.... blew my mind.
2. First time stepping inside the Fést furniture store. Just when I almost wanted to buy some shirts back home, I realized this brand came from the Netherlands. and made from the Netherlands. All of the sudden my impulse shopping desire completely disappeared.
3. Passing by a Japanese gift shop out of curiosity, and I bought two under-priced vintage capsule toys. They charge 3.5 euros per piece. but in Taiwan people would pay 85 euros for one.
4. Visiting Huis van Alijn for the special expo of the 90's. I love a quote I saw from the exhibition, it's said:When the 1990s begin, It feels like anything but decade with a unique tone and texture and attitude. It felt like nothing. It felt blank.
5. In a hidden amazon cave shop I found my second Adenium Obesum to take back home. hooray!!! I can make a proper painting for it now!
6. Went to an antique warehouse searching for a baroque painting frame. but the result was negative.
7. Paul bakery seems to only taste good in the French region. so stop trying in Belgium.
8. Belgium beef stew is very heavy food but tasty. I think its will pair perfectly with Japanese rice. If I succeed, make it my own. I will rename this as Belgium Curry to sell to Taiwanese people.
9. Sunday flower market is definitely my heaven. This time I got a short list of plants I would like to have in our future garden. such as chocolate vine, mountain clematis, old mans' beard, etc....
10. Some Belgian houses really look like Taiwanese style. I don't think this is a compliment, afterall Belgian are known for their ugly houses....