Vietnamese Food unlocked

Vietnamese Food unlocked

I already lost track of how many Vietnamese summer rolls I had during the trip in Vietnam.  However I do have confidence to say I have more knowledge about their food culture than before.
Vietnam is not far from China, but it seems to me soy sauce is not the essential seasoning ingredient for their local cousin.

Fish sauce is everything. but its doesn't mean they use it like soy sauce directly dipping food in it.  There is a small prep to enjoy this holly fish sauce. allowing me to temporary call it Vietnamese Dressing = 2 spoon fish sauce + 4 spoon water +1 spoon of lime juice + 1 teaspoon sugar + 1 spoon fine chopped garlic + 1 teaspoon fine chopped chili.This

Vietnamese dressing they use for literally EVERYTHING.
summer / spring rolls, bbq, steam rice, rice vermicelli, pho, etc.Assemble with some essential herbs, such as mint, thai basil, vietnamese coriander , culantro, spring onion, shallot, lemon grass, penuts and shiso to complete authentic Vietnamese food.

According to what Susan told me, Northern capital Hanoi tends to be more savory, and southern Ho chi minh city is more sweet.  This seems to be an iron rule for most Asian countries, because Taiwan has the same situation too.  During our two weeks traveling from north to south, we testified ourselves . I really can't agree more.  
And if any food I like the most, I would say it's the Hoi An chicken rice. however they are a little bit stingy for the chicken meat potion. very tiny little chicken breast. I regretted that I didn't ask to learn this dish from our cooking lesson. Otherwise I can definitely make a generous version for myself. haha

ps. About the packages for the take out service in Vietnam. Its really blowing my mind. We Taiwanese maximum would offers a small plastic chili sauce or soy sauce in the togo box. and sometime we even need to beg the owner provide it. but in Vietnam it seem like super normal you would have least 4 -5 small bags of seasoning, plus soup, its look almost like DIY kits, and they all tie up perfectly with those tiny little elastic bands. Its definitely a talent.