Unser kleines Berlin

Unser kleines Berlin

Exactly one year after our last holiday in France, my husband and I decided to make a city trip to Berlin this summer. For my husband it was very important we make this trip, so that he can finally go visit some of his close friends back to Germany, something that got delayed by almost 2 years because of the pandemic!

I had been to Berlin before, but somehow on my previous trips I didn’t realise what a foodie heaven Berlin is, and a city full of plant lovers who you can easily spot by looking at their balcony from the street. I really like how Berliners connect with nature, even though they live in a big city 😎

A huge highlight of our trip was a visit to Till‘s garden plot. I was already in love with this oasis of quiet and beauty, but when it got dark and he turned on the garden lights, I realised that I had painted this scene just weeks before! We had found the “Place that only we know”. Goose bumps!!

This video is called “Unser kleines Berlin”, because Berlin is huge, but we only spent time in a small part of it.

And finally, on the way back from Berlin, we stopped in Leipzig. That’s where I met my artist friend Saskia in person for the first time. She’s not in the video though — we had so much fun that we completely forgot to take any photos or videos!!!😂🇩🇪👨🏻‍🎨

Somewhere only we know in real life.
If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era or price, your home will be true reflection of you. So ! What do you think these souvenirs I bought from Berlin tell you about me?