Human Kind

Human Kind

A book I had being reading more than 4 months, and just yesterday I finally finished it combining with some tears hanging around my eyes. This book has a lot of fascinating stories based on our human history. I wont say its a casual book to read, otherwise it should not took me such long time to read it. This Dutch author Rutger Bregman did successfully bring out quite some different perspective of views to challenging what I had known, and what I been taught to be a human, I mean to be a responsible grow-up how to deal with all sort of problems in this world.

Here I want to make some foot notes to remind me in the future, Incase again I having some difficulties, or having doubt about humanity, I hope these notes will help me get it through.

1.Always presuming the best situation. (not the worse scenario)
Ex: Let's say I have feeling someone doesn't like me, and whatever it true or false, my behavior will definitely acting in a way which not helping me to improve the relationship. Believing  generally people are kind and honest, even though we have to take the risk been play like fool sometimes, but the rewarding is instead of worrying this and that, we will have a positive life, and positive thinking all the time.

2. Learning to forgive people, because the cost performance ratio are high.
Its very easy to hate someone, but it hard to forgive, however once we choose forgiven, its means we are stop wasting our energy on antipathy and resentment, then we can focus on other things else, allowing us to embrace a good life, good living.

3. Be a child, questioning EVERYTHING.
Can golden rule fix our problems from social society? try platinum rule instead.Do unto others as "they'd" like done unto them, BUT DONT think people will treat you like what you expected just because you had just demonstrated to them.
remember we PEOPLE have different preferences.  

4. Slow down the empathy, Training our sympathy.  
Sympathy including be able to understand people's situation, and then take action to provide the help.

5. Speaking the language of heart, not just language it self.
when we traveling to other country, speaking the language from the region, people can understand what we want. Now try imaging what if we speak the language from their heart, we can go into a deeper layer of relationship.

6. Prejudice means you don't know them YET.
So please take action now, having a conversation is the fastest  and easiest way to eliminate the invisible borders between you and the other (whatever it is)

7. Avoiding News.  
Be very carful what we gonna feeding our mind through the informations come from all different directions in our daily living. just like how we pay attention on the food we eat into our body. same.

8. The reality is we are living in a planet where people like to help each other.
Realists has become something cynical in our modern definition, which has very negative meaning in it.  So Its about time we give it a new definition, it about time we should have a new vision for humanity.