Sesame Oil Ginger & Rosemary Hot Wings

Sesame Oil Ginger & Rosemary Hot Wings

During my summer holiday I discovered a really amazing dish from one of my taiwanese recipe book. This dish contained some typical Taiwanese seasoning but elevate with french touch by rosemary. I was a little spectacle while I read the ingredients, nevertheless I checked my fridge and my mini herbal garden, Daddy me got everything, so I decided give it a try, turn out it become a legendary food by far i made this year. Because I made some small adjustments from the recipe, incase I wont be remember how to make it again in the future. I must to write down here to remind myself.

*chicken wing (only the meaty part) X 9 pcs
*Ginger cut in slices X 6 pcs
*Spring onion 2 pcs (dices them in small rings)
*Rosemary 3 stems ( shredded)
*Garlic 6 cloves (shredded)
*Ginger Oil
*Some Green veggies as you desire (I recommended Cauliflower/Broccoli/Bell Pepper )


*Set up oven for 180 degrees first.

*Heat up a flat pan, and the meanwhile adding the ginger oil (something like 1-1.5 cup, more is better) and ginger slices. pan fried them till you see the ginger slightly turning to brown.

*add the hot wings (skin side down), we first make sure the chicken skin become crispy and brown.

*Once you got the browny crispy hot wing (one side), we take out all the ginger slices from the pan, and move entire pan into oven. then we wait for 15-18 mins depends your oven conditions.

*Check your chicken wings if they are fully cooked in the oven, and we take it back to the stove top, turn the big fire for the final touch! Spreading all the garlics, spring onions, rosemary, and sprinkle some sea salt, some black pepper.

*In earlier step your food is basically ready to serve. just incase you still need some greens on the plates, you can use microwave very quickly heat up your veggies, and toss them in the pan with hot wings, so your veggies will immediately got all the juice in one go.