Japanese white bread sandwich with Taiwanese schnitzel

Japanese white bread sandwich with Taiwanese schnitzel

As Taiwanese I should love eating sandwich, however since I moved to the Netherlands so many years ago, I got used to live without it, because when we Taiwanese eat sandwich, it comes with some certain standards which the local dutch bakery or café obvious can't live up to. I mean, the white bread must be soft inside and full of texture. And the most important thing of all, the sandwich must be served hot, or warm, it will never be stone cold. When I travelled to Paris just a few days ago, I discovered a very amazing Japanese bakery, Carré Pain de Mie, which provides the best white bread in the entirety of Europe, because they use flour from Japan, and the baking technique is also according to the Japanese masters. I could not resist not to carry a whole piece of bread home even though it was 2 kg heavy. 😆

This recipe is probably my own invention. Why do I say it? Because I am too lazy to deep-fry the pork loin like how the Japanese do it, so I used a lighter, thinner part of pork Schnitzel and pan-fried it. Of course, I also seasoned the pork too, which the Japanese would never do.  🤫

The preparation is really simple, but the most difficult part will be ... where can I find the Japanese white bread again in this village?  😂

Ingredients for two people:

White bread, cut in eight thick slices
2 pieces of Schnitzel (seasoned in 2 cloves of ground garlic, 5 big spoons of soy sauce)
3-4 spoons of sweet potato flour
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber
2 eggs, fried
Ready-made egg salad


1.Wrap the seasoned Schnitzel with the sweet potato flour, pan fry until golden and crispy (don't cover the lid while frying it, otherwise the flour will become very soggy)

2. Pan-fry eggs, sunny side up

3. Heat the oven to 180 degrees and turn on the grill, put the bread slices inside for 5 mins (the surface of bread should become golden brown)

4. Spread the butter on each side of the bread slices and add the lettuce, cucumber, egg salad, fried egg, schnitzel all together.  

**Tips: The sandwich will become really big and huge, I suggest using a bbq stick to stabilise it for a good presentation  😆