Art Fair Is Not Fair Art.

Art Fair Is Not Fair Art.

I used to felt a little shamed about myself when I introduced my career is Artist to people I just met, because I thought to be qualified such title, either had hosting several exhibitions, or have gallery / art agent to represent the artwork itself, however I had none of them which may occurred people feel my job more like hobby to them.

And after many years working in my own path, I feel more confident to call myself as an artist now. Because I do have style, my painting technique is pretty professional, and I delivered very good quality artworks, and I do had sold lot of paintings, art prints all over the world.  Therefore, I am wondering if this is the moment for me to take the next step, find myself a liked minded gallery, agent to hold my hand together, opening another chapter of my career.

wohaha! as unlucky as may sounds, in the past few weeks while I browsing through the gallery list base on the art association of the Netherlands, I found none match. zero! I cannot explained why exactly, but I really don't like any of them. So I decided to make my second attempt, visiting the Art Fair, maybe there will be something for me ?

Its my first time to art fair, and I hope this will be the last time too. For the most participants and galleries, they all look decent, modern, and somehow very pretense too. and for the most artworks they presented in the art fair they all seem very very depressive for me, or ... can I say ugly?  I really hate this kind of atmosphere, when art buyers meet galleries they immediately spreading a very disturbing smell... like...stinky ink from paper money bills this kind of sort.

I don't think I would ever belong to this art business, so I will stop trying to get in.
Alright! now my brain have more space for the real creativity things to do, what's my next project ?🤔